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When it comes to decorating the Christmas cake, sometimes simple is best. With a growing list of chores and tasks to complete before the big day, why not go simple on one of the projects? After all, it’s no less effective that way.

And so, to demonstrate how simple a nice Christmas cake can look, we’ve chosen a handful of products from this year’s Christmas range, to show you how to decorate a really simple, but effective Christmas cake and ease the burden a little.

The products

This year, we selected two Clickstix from Windsor Crafts – the three and single leaf holly cutters. We love these because they not only cut the holly leaves but they also emboss them in one easy step.
Next was the Katy Sue Word Perfect Holidays set. We’ve used Katy Sue products in the past and loved them but we’d never actually tried out the wording mould. Now is the time!

Finally, we used two Christmassy colours from the  Colour Splash Christmas range to colour the sugar paste to make decorations…

How we decorated the cake

First, we covered a 6” round cake – obviously, this will work with any shape or size cake, that’s just the size we’d baked. We used an off-white coloured sugar paste to cover the cake, popped it on a dramatic black cake drum and wrapped the base of the cake in a festively coloured red ribbon.

Then we set to work with cutting out holly leaves. For the cake itself we decided to stick with the gorgeous three leaf cutter. Really simple to use, it’s best to roll out your sugar paste quite thin and in a long strip. That way you can cut out one leaf at a time without getting sugar paste stuck in all the other shapes on the cutter 

Place the Clickstix cutter on the paste and press down on the edges of the cutter. Jiggle the whole thing (yes, ‘jiggle’ is the technical term!) up and down to separate the paste from the rest of the batch then use a finger to gently rub over the back of the cutter to remove any fuzzy edges and excess paste. Place the cutter face down back on the mat and gently press the embossing part of the cutter to leave the veined pattern on your holly leaves. Once that’s done you can remove the leaves from the cutter and put to one side while you cut the remaining shapes.

Once you have as many leaves as you need, dot them intermittently around the cake, including some on the sides too. Add tiny balls of red sugar paste or red sprinkle balls if you’d prefer.

If you’re struggling to use the Clickstix cutters correctly, why not check out this  instructional video from Clickstix maker, Windsor Crafts.

Now it’s time to tackle the ‘Merry Christmas’ writing with the Katy Sue mould. When we first picked this one out, we were worried about the delicate nature of the lettering – surely it wouldn’t come out successfully!? But then we watched the Katy Sue tutorial about how to use the mould and it all became clear!

We chose the Merry Christmas lettering in red, which stands out nicely against the black drum. However, these lettering sets look lovely in any colour or perhaps dusted with a lustre dust to give them a sheen..

And we were done.  


This cake only took around 30-45 minutes to decorate and will look fab on any Christmas table this year. 

How are you decorating your Christmas cake for 2020?



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