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“I promise I’ve been good this year. And with that in mind, could I please ask for…”

What does your cake decorating wish list look like this year? Have you compiled a list of the top equipment and tools for the big man to drop down your chimney on Christmas day?

Here at The Craft Company, we’ve asked around and compiled a list of the top five items that all the cool cake kids are asking for this year. There’s something for every budget so no one needs to miss out. Want to know more? Let’s dive straight in.

Colour Splash cake decorating airbrush kit

It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it could make your cake decorating life so much easier and more fun. If you’ve ever considered investing in an airbrush, now is the time. The availability of incredible colours and finishes has never been more exciting and this purchase could revolutionise your cake decorating world. 

Imagine it. No more wrestling with sugar paste and food colours to get the perfect finish on your creations – simply whip out the airbrush kit, load up your chosen colour and get creative. From creating incredible ombre effects to going all out ‘street’ with some artful graffiti, the possibilities with this piece of kit are almost endless.

Moulds and veiners – the must-have equipment for the professional touch

If you’re looking to take your creations to the next level, look no further than our amazing range of moulds and veiners from brands like Katy Sue, Cake Star and Jem
We all love creating cute figures, experimenting with different finishes and wowing our friends, family and customers. But what if you could save time and create showstopping decorations too? 

We love the sheer number of possibilities available with moulds and veiners these days. Whether you’re looking to create something festive or add a touch of professionalism to your favourite decorating themes, we’ve got moulds and veiners for every job. They’re simple to use and, with a bit of practise, creativity and imagination, the world is your oyster. You’ll be amazed at what you can create.


Master piping nozzle – set of 55

If you’ve ever gazed in wonder at a beautifully piped cupcake bouquet or wished you could master the beaded icing technique for around the base of your cakes, this set of 55 piping nozzles is the perfect place to start.

Including everything you could wish for to create incredible piped flowers, borders and squiggles, this set is an amazing investment in your cake decorating journey. It even comes in its own beautiful display box so there will be no more loose nozzles floating around at the back of the cupboard!

Cake Star mini push easy alphabet cutters

The perfect tool for every cake decorator, this starter set of alphabet cutters will save you time and give you so much joy (if perfectly cut and uniform icing letters are what floats your boat)… Easy to use (the clue’s in the name) and perfect for so many cake projects, you’ll use these cutters over and over again, cake after cake.

Can we spell it out any more clearly?


PME Cake Tins

There’s not much we love more than a delicious, beautifully baked cake in The Craft Company office. But when it comes to actually baking said cakes, we’re always over the moon with the incredible PME tins we bake them in.

Seam-free, straight sided and so easy to look after, these tins are the bee’s knees! Once you’ve mastered your favourite recipes, these beauties will produce gorgeous cakes with straight sides just begging to be crumb coated and wrapped in your chosen covering.

We simply can’t overstate how fantastic these tins are. Available in starter sets or individually in loads of different sizes, round and square. What are you waiting for?

There we have it. The Craft Company top five baking items – how many will you ‘accidentally’ drop into your basket this month? Go on, you know you want to…



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