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As Halloween approaches, we thought we’d take the time to explore some of the products available in our creepy, ghoulish Halloween section – have you seen what’s available? 

If you are still short on Halloween baking ideas, don’t worry. We have provided you with plenty of inspiration below to ensure your scary cakes and spooky sweets will go down a treat! 

Not only will you find a step-by-step guide on how to make a Halloween skull cake, but we have also shared a range of additional Halloween treat ideas for you to have a truly spooktacular time with.

Let’s dive in.


Halloween Cake Pops

If you are planning a Halloween party, these spine-chilling cake pops are a great option. They are not only easy to make but are also very easy to eat too and are ideal if you are inviting quite a few guests around. You can be really creative when it comes to these Halloween popsicles by making a variety of spookily themed designs including ghosts, pumpkins, mummies and monsters. 


To make these Halloween cakesicles, you need to bake a cake and allow it to cool. The flavour of your cake sponge is up to you, but vanilla tends to be the most popular option. Once the cake has been allowed to cool, you then crumble the cake into a bowl and mix with a small amount of buttercream to create a dough-like consistency.

For the outer coating of your cake popsicles, melt some chocolate in a glass bowl over some simmering water. Then, using our Sweet Stamp Regular Cake Popsicle Mould, coat the inside of the mould cavity with the chocolate, ensuring you cover the sides too. Put the Cake Popsicle Sticks in place and put this in the freezer to allow to set for 10 minutes. Once out of the freezer, fill three quarters of each cake cavity with the cake and buttercream mixture. Then use the remainder of the melted chocolate to spread over the cake to ensure it is completely covered. You can use a knife or scraper to get rid of all the excess chocolate from the moulds. You then place the mould back in the freezer for at least another 10 minutes.  

Once out of the freezer, it’s then time to add some hair-raising Halloween cake pop decorations. You can do this yourself by using icing and cake paint in spooky ways to create various ghosts, ghouls and other scary characters. Our range of Halloween cake decorations will also come in handy when decorating your Halloween cake pops. Sugar Edible Eyes, Halloween Face Sugar Decorations and Cupcake Sprinkle Mixes will all produce designs which will both wow and terrify your guests in equal measure!


Spooky Cookies

They’re creepy and they’re cookie, mysterious and spooky! Okay, they’re not quite the right words but nevertheless, these delicious Halloween cookies will really hit all the right notes. Freshly baked cookies are a popular treat at any time of year and these spooky varieties are frighteningly easy to make. 

Using a traditional cookie recipe but with the addition of Colour Splash Dusts, in various colours, and each topped with Sugar Edible Eyes, you can create an assortment of scary monster looking cookies.  The most terrifying thing will be the speed at which these spooky cookies will disappear from the plate upon which they sit. 


Halloween Biscuits

Cookies are not the only thing you can transform into a scary snack. Take biscuits for example, there are plenty of ways to make plain biscuits into a tasty, yet terrifying, Halloween treat! We have some ideas for you on how you can decorate the biscuits you bake this Halloween, and even get the kids involved to help make some incredibly spooky treats.

Firstly, we’re going to take a look at how you can make some spookily shaped biscuits, and these can be topped with icing and sprinkles which I’m sure the kids will love to get involved with. Once you have made a standard biscuit mixture (there's a simple shortbread recipe here), it will then be a case of cutting it into various Halloween inspired shapes like bats, pumpkins and ghosts. We love this Wilton set of 18 spooky cutters. They are simply great for mixing up your trick or treat offering, and they are great value!

When the biscuits have been removed from the oven and have cooled down it will then be time for the fun part, the decorating! The colour of the icing can then be chosen accordingly, for example, orange for pumpkins, white for ghosts and black for bats but it’s entirely up to you! If you would like to use icing suitable for fine piping to create a spider’s web or another feature, a writing icing is an excellent choice.

You can also add ready-made Halloween decorations to your biscuits, and for this you have plenty of options, including Halloween Face Sugar Pipings. Another way to decorate your Halloween biscuits is to use spooky stamp Embossers on your icing, which creates an unbelievable effect. 


Cupcakes in Spooky Halloween Baking Cases

We have already looked at some very spooky Halloween treats, including cupcakes, but what about non-edible items, like baking cases, which can be used to accompany these? If you are planning on making some scary cupcakes this year, then you can take them to the next level by baking them in Halloween-themed baking cases. 


Haunted House Baking Cases will complement your scary Halloween cupcakes perfectly. You could even choose to bake plain cupcakes and allow these spooky baking cases to provide the scary element. They will certainly be a big talking point if you are inviting guests around for a Halloween party. 

Scary Halloween Brownies

Brownies are a genuine delight at any time of year and Halloween is a great excuse to bake this classic treat with a scary twist. You can make delicious brownies the easy way with Craft Company Chocolate Flavour Fudge Brownie Cake Mix. The classic brownie has a gooey centre and crunchy outer crust to create an irresistible treat. We explain below, how you can transform a standard brownie into a spooky Halloween treat.

In order to provide your brownies with a real scare factor, you can decorate them with plenty of spooky elements! To add a scary decoration to your Halloween brownies, our Cupcake Rings are a great choice if you're expecting lots of guests. Halloween Button Piping’s are another way you can make your chocolate fudge brownies a scary snack for everyone to enjoy. For quirky, less scary approach, try a Black Cat piping to take your brownies right up the silly spookiness scale.  


Spooky Halloween Muffins

There are few treats that are quite as mouth-watering as soft and fluffy muffins. Muffins with a spooky style will always be a firm favourite over Halloween. The flavour of the spooky Halloween muffins you bake are entirely up to you, but you could always mix and match to keep everyone happy, with chocolate, vanilla and other varieties. 

The choices you have when it comes to creating Halloween-themed muffins are extensive. Icing in a spider web pattern is a great way of achieving a scary design to top your muffin with. Another option is to top your muffins with icing and place Halloween inspired printed sugar images which can include skulls, witches and pumpkins.

It's not just what goes into the muffins or the decorations you opt for, but sometimes the supporting elements can continue the Halloween theme as well. This even applies to the colour of the muffin wraps you choose. Our Orange Tulip Cupcake/Muffin Wraps and Black Tulip Cupcake/Muffin Wraps both represent excellent choices if you are thinking of baking spooky Halloween Muffins this year. 


Halloween Cake Ideas

Scroll down for a complete step-by-step Sugar Skull Cake, with matching Halloween cupcakes, but first we take a look at some alternative Halloween cake ideas which could provide a spooky sharing opportunity for all the family, regardless of whether the trick or treaters come knocking...

Haunted Graveyard Cake - Looking to create an eerie and spooky cake this Halloween? A Haunted Graveyard cake could be the ideal option. A brown topping, which could even be created with crumbled cookies, can provide the appearance of soil. For the tombstones and other scary elements, you could choose from our selection of Halloween Collection – Handmade Royal Icing Decorations.

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Halloween Pumpkin Face Cake - Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, and it has become tradition to carve out a real pumpkin before lighting a candle inside. A Halloween pumpkin cake doesn’t mean that it is pumpkin-flavoured, although it could be. A chocolate cake covered in orange icing with black icing used for the eyes, nose and mouth is a popular way of making this style of cake.

Black Cat Cake - You will invariably see images of these feline friends in the form of decorations, fancy dress costumes or other incarnations during the Halloween festivities. A chocolate cake is the most obvious choice for a Black Cat Cake. Fondant can be used to make the eyes and the ears and liquorice is a good choice for the whiskers. 

Spider Web Cake - You’ll not have to look far to see a spider web, in the form of decorations and costumes, on Halloween. If you want to go even further, then why not bake a spider web Halloween cake with its very own edible creepy crawly sat on top of it? A topping of white icing and a finely piped spider web, using black icing will create a standout appearance. This can be finished off with a spider, also made from black icing, positioned on top protecting its web!

Source //


Sugar Skull Cake with matching Scary Halloween Cupcakes

Here’s one we made earlier as they used to say on Blue Peter!  To create our showstopping skull cake and Halloween cupcakes we required Colour Splash concentrated food colourings, a fun and creative PME Skull Cutter and some Purple Cupcakes Pumpkin, Bat and Ghost Sprinkle Mix. 


Now let’s see how we made it….


Step 1. Creating some stand up skull decorations

The first thing we did was create some skull decorations to stand on the top of our cake. To make the sugar paste dry hard enough to hold their own weight we added some Tylo powder. We cut out the skulls in white, black and brown sugar paste and dusted the darker colours with edible lustre to make the silver and gold.

For the white skulls, we waited for them to dry then used the Colour Splash colours with a drop of vodka to paint the different colours. You can use edible paints too.

Each skull was then mounted on a toothpick or cocktail stick to be stuck in the top of the cake.


Step 2. Colouring the cake and buttercream

The next job was to bake the cake. We baked a vanilla sponge and added orange colouring to one half of the mix and purple to the other – you can use any colour combination you like, or you could even create a Halloween rainbow cake. The Colour Splash colours hold their colours beautifully when baked, unlike some supermarket brand colours, so be sure to use the right ones…

We chose to use chocolate buttercream for the filling and outside of our cake and added more purple colouring to give it a spooky feel.


Step 3. Putting the cake together…

Once cooled, we filled the cake with the coloured buttercream, followed by a crumb coat and topcoat. This was smoothed using a PME Cake Scraper to create smooth sides.

Once the cake was all covered, we whipped up a small batch of green coloured royal icing to use as a drip. You can also use dripping solution or ganache for this part. Apply the drip solution using a bottle or a teaspoon and encourage it to drip around the top of the cake. We then used a 2D piping tip to pipe little whips of the chocolate buttercream on the top.

The skulls we made earlier were then placed in the top of the cake and the whole thing was sprinkled liberally with the Halloween sprinkle mix as a finishing touch.

Our cake was displayed on a black cake drum.


Step 4. Creating some matching cupcakes

We finished off our ghostly creation with some matching cupcakes. We baked our favourite chocolate cupcakes, piped them with the leftover purple chocolate icing and used some of the small skulls as cupcake toppers. The rest of the cupcakes were decorated with the Halloween sprinkle mix. Simple, effective and (most importantly, in our view) absolutely delicious!



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