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The perfect icing colour can take a cake from really good to really great, but tracking it down in stores can be a tricky task. However, the good news is that we’ve created a pretty fabulous colour mixing chart to help you achieve just about any colour you could possibly want.

Our Culpitt sugar pastes may have 16 basic colours in the range but that doesn’t mean you only have 16 different colours to choose from; in fact, our colour mixing chart below shows you how to achieve an impressive 72 beautiful shades using only Culpitt sugar paste alone.

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Click here to view a PDF version of our colour mixing chart.

Mixing your own sugar paste colours is a fantastic way to capture the exact shade you need for your special cake. With so many mixing choices, you can create the perfect colour for your favourite sports team, the perfect shade for a particular wedding theme or even get a friend’s hair colour spot-on for a comical fondant version of them!

The high-quality properties of the Culpitt sugar pastes mean the colours blend together quickly and smoothly, giving you a beautiful even shade in a matter of seconds. Simply roll out balls of your chosen sugar pastes in the size recommended for your cake or decoration and knead together with your hands until your colours are completely blended. Continue to add the pastes until you are happy with the result – add more white paste to lighten or more coloured paste to darken.

Mixing colours is hugely popular for achieving a realistic skin or hair colour on fondant figures, and our Ariel Mermaid Cake tutorial is a great example of how to use the Culpitt sugar pastes to achieve more unusual shades for an authentic look. If you need some cake decorating inspiration, check out some of our other creative designs in our easy to follow how-to guides.

For even more colouring options, you can use Colour Splash food colouring gels to add to white sugar paste. These concentrated gels are great for adding just the right amount of colour needed – and they can be kept for future use.

With so many beautiful colours at your fingertips, you will have the flexibility to create just about any character or cake design you could possibly want – give it a go and share your colourful designs with us on our Facebook page!





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