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Cake Lace has taken the world of cake decorating by storm. This unique cake decoration is highly customisable so take a browse all of our Cake Lace Mats and Mixes. Use your Cake Lace mixture in combination with a lace mat to produce detailed decorations for use on cakes, cookies, cupcakes and your other baking creations. We highly recommend this cool new product and encourage cake decorators with all levels of experience to give it a try.

Cake Lace is entirely edible, suitable for food contact with a subtle vanilla flavour. Mostly available in white, ready for you to add any colour of choice, should you wish.

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to answer all of your Cake Lace questions, from the simple, ‘How do I use it?’ to more advanced tips and techniques. Read our full cake lace FAQ below and inspire yourself to create a showstopper!

How do I use Cake Lace?

Cake Lace mixes come in powder form and all you have to do is add water until a creamy consistency is reached (approx. 2 mins). Add the gel supplied with the lace mix and beat for a further 5 -10 minutes following the instructions for the particular lace product you are using. A food mixer is recommended for mixing.

Spread the mixture over a cake lace mat using a palette knife (cranked is easier). Ensure the pattern on the mat is completely covered, then scrape off all the excess mixture.

Leave the mat overnight or for up to 24 hours to set in a warm atmosphere, or if you wish to speed the process up, place into a warm oven for 10 mins at 80°C. If it has set in the oven, cool for 5 mins.

Test to check whether it has set by lifting one corner carefully. If it has, then continue to lift, pulling the lace away gently from the mat. Some designs are more intricate than others and more care may be required when moving.

If you are unsure whether or not it has set sufficiently, be patient and return to the oven for another few minutes, or leave a little longer, and then try again.

Is Cake Lace edible?

Cake Lace is fully edible and suitable for food contact. It has a liquorice lace texture and a sweet and subtle taste.

What does Cake Lace taste like?

Cake Lace has a sweet vanilla taste similar to that of sugar alternatives used in hot drinks. The vanilla flavouring used does not contain alcohol.

How long does Cake Lace take to set?

It depends on the brand you’re using. If leaving to set naturally without using an oven, most cake lace mixtures will need to be set overnight, taking up to 24 hours. To speed up the process, we'd recommend placing the filled mats into a warm oven for 10 mins at 80°C.

How do I store Cake Lace?

Wrap your Cake Lace decorations in greaseproof paper and store in a cake box/plastic Tupperware tub with a secure lid to keep for months.

How long will Cake Lace last once it’s been made/has set?

As long it is stored using the recommended instructions above, it should last for months.

How do I attach Cake Lace to my cake?

It is recommended that you splash a small amount of water onto the reverse of your cake lace decorations. This will soften the bonds and give them a ‘sticky’ back. You may wish to use edible glue for a stronger bond.

How long does Cake Lace last once it’s on a cake?

Cake Lace lasts months when it's kept in dry and airtight conditions. Chances are, your cake will be enjoyed well before this.

How flexible is Cake Lace?

Most makes of cake lace are soft and flexible, therefore, you are able to pleat or fold the pieces to place onto your sugar creation, and fix them as you wish. Some brands, however, remain a little more rigid and are more suitable for creating 3D designs. It is advisable to check before buying if you are unsure.

Can I paint or colour Cake Lace?

Yes, we’d recommend using a powder or paste colour in combination with your cake lace mixture. This will produce a light coloured finish. For a darker finish, use a cake decorator’s airbrush or brush on edible paint by hand.

Part of my Cake Lace decoration is peeling off the cake?

It may be that you didn’t cover all parts of your cake lace backing with water. We’d recommended using a small brush to cover the lace, making sure all of the surface area is wet.

I can't get white Cake Lace out of the mat it tears. Why is this?

A)     This is an indication that the Cake Lace needs to cook for longer, we recommend an independent thermometer to test the temperature as cookers vary in temperature.

B)       On very fine mats it is recommended that once a layer of Cake Lace has been added to the mat and cooked then a second layer should be added and re-cooked, this will strengthen the lace, and will come off the mat easily.

I placed my Cake Lace onto a cake using water have returned to it a couple of hours later to find it’s peeling away in places. Why is this?

A)      The fondant may have just been put on to the cake and will still be too damp, so there will be too much moisture on the cake. We recommend that the cake should be allowed to dry before Cake Lace is added.

B)       Sometimes when adding the cooled boiled water you may have just missed a little so it’s recommended that you use a little more water behind the lace with a small paint brush.


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