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Creating a Polished Metallic Effect

To begin, colour your sugar paste to a shade similar to that of your chosen metallic dust or spray. We colour sugar paste in this manner to help the intensity of the metallic and to disguise any missing or thinly coat parts this is especially more apparent with darker metallics.

For example, to achieve a gold metallic effect then you would first colour your sugar paste with the Colour Splash Sunflower Gel. For a silver finish, use a tiny amount of Colour Splash Black for a light grey colour. For rose gold use Colour Splash Strawberry and for a copper finish use Colour Splash Orange.

Working with sugar paste that has not yet had time to harden will greatly help metallic powders to stick to the sugar paste, although you will have to be a little more careful not to mark your paste.

Working with aerosol sprays

1) Spray a heavy coating so it appears very powdery on the surface of the sugar paste.

2) Next, using a flat paintbrush, gently begin to brush the sprayed on metallic powder into the sugar paste and you will find after a time your powdery metallic should take on a very high sheen. If you are finding you are leaving brush strokes in your sugar paste then simple change direction of your brush strokes and decrease pressure. Brush off any excess to finish.

Working with dusts

1) Load your paintbrush with dust and begin to gently work it into the sugar paste and as before if you find you are marking the paste then reduce your applied pressure and change direction of your brush strokes.

2) For an extra glittery look spray over with Colour Splash Glitter Spray.

Creating Quick & Easy Metallic Effects

If you prefer to achieve quick and effective results for metallic effects, then you can simply use sprays and edible food paints to apply even coverage to your cakes.

Working with aerosol sprays

Aerosol sprays are a great way to quickly add metallic shimmer to your cakes. To use, simply make sure the can is shaken well and spray short 'bursts' of the colour whilst moving across the entire of the cake. If you have a turntable, it would be easier to turn the cake as you spray. For the best finish, it is advised that you slowly build up several layers of colour. This ensures an even coverage and prevents over-colouring your cakes.

Working with edible paints

The Colour Splash range of edible food paints are great for creating any style of painting onto cakes, from simple inscriptions to more intricate designs.

Good quality paintbrushes are essential to achieve a good finish, and a fine tip and a flat brush are typically the best brushes to start with. Techniques vary and a practice is a good idea. Again, slowly applying the colour to your cake, and building up layers of colour is the best approach.

TOP TIP: When mixed with a small amount of rejuvenator liquid, Colour Splash Dusts can also be used to apply colours as a paint. Rejuvenator liquid ensures that your painting will dry very quickly as the alcohol evaporates off. This technique allows you to use the greater range of metallic powder colours.


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