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Tappits cutters are great for cutting out lettering and other themed sugar decorations for your celebration cakes and cupcakes.

What paste should you use?

Always use a strengthened paste such as: flowerpaste, it is stronger, and therefore can be rolled much, thinner than any other paste. Make sure it is reasonably dry before starting – if you use a softer flower paste, or it is sticky, leave it exposed to the air to dry a little for 10 mins before you start.

To Use:

1. Roll out your modelling paste to a very thin 1mm.

2. Press the tappit into the rolled out modelling paste. Use a small rolling pin over the top for extra pressure.

3. Snip off the excess paste at ether end of the tappit, always leave a skirt on the top and bottom of the tappit this will give you a little purchase later.

With your hand pressed down upon the tappit, firmly rub the tappit with a circular motion down into your work area. This will ensure the blades of the tappit are free of paste and will give you a much cleaner cut.

4. Turn the tappit over and you will see where the tappit blades have penetrated the paste, if not gently roll over the areas the blades have not cut with a small rolling pin.


5. Remove the waste from the tappit. At this point you may find the pattern will simply fall out of the tappit if not then give the cutter a gentle flick, or a ‘tap’ (hence the name Tappit Cutters) on your work surface to release.

6. Additionally, to help release the past you can use a paint brush very gently to tease out the pattern from the top and underneath. With a little patience and practise, you should be producing perfect tappit patterns every time.


Top tip:

You often find you get a better result by simply brushing out any icing residue before putting away ready for the next use. The letters release much easier next time. There is no need to wash the tappits cutters after every use, just occasionally.


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