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Colourful cakes are a great way to celebrate all sorts of happy occasions, from birthdays to special celebrations. Colour Splash’s range of food colouring gels is perfect for bakers and cake decorators on the look-out for a fun and easy way to add colour to their creations.

Each of the 29 gels in the range are highly concentrated and great for creating bold and vibrant cakes filled with colour! The gels can be added a little at a time to gradually build up the colour as it is mixed in. Unlike make other food colourings, the Colour Splash gels can be used to colour cake batter without affecting its consistency too. Each of these colourful cakes use the range to add quick, easy and beautiful colour that’s bound to turn heads at your next celebration. Follow the simple recipes linked below to find out how to brighten up your baking this spring!

Rainbow cakes are a great way to use lots of bright colours in your baking and are always a huge hit at this time of year. The key to a successful rainbow cake is making sure the rainbow layers of sponge are as bright as possible and full of vibrant colour so it’s important you choose the right food colouring for you. Colour Splash’s gels are highly concentrated and bring out a very vivid colour when added to cake mix, making dull or faded sponge a thing of the past! Why not cover your cake with plain sugar paste or buttercream to give your friends and family a colourful surprise when they have a slice?

Colour drip cakes are still very popular in the cake decorating world and remain one of the most in-demand cake styles for birthdays and celebrations. The rainbow drips of vivid colour on our artist palette drip cake uses Colour Splash gels to mimic melted paint and give a fun-filled overflowing effect. If you would like to make your own this weekend then you can follow our simple step-by-step guide here!

Speaking of trends, there’s no doubt you’ll have seen this one at some point recently! Unicorn cakes are hugely popular at the moment, having taken the cake decorating world (and Instagram!) by storm over the last year. Our unicorn cake with a colourful twist uses the Colour Splash gels to create a brightly toned mane which bursts with colours of pastel green, yellow, pink and purple. Create your own by following our how-to guide here.

If you love rainbow cakes but want to keep things a little more simple then why not try our lemon drizzle ombré cake? Our quick and easy recipe uses the Colour Splash gels in lemon, sunflower and orange to create a stunning ombré effect within the sponge. Click here for our step-by-step recipe.

This vibrant giant cupcake bouquet is bound to put a spring in everyone’s step this season! This fun creation uses our pastel shades range of Colour Splash gels to create a beautiful multi-tonal effect that makes the perfect centrepiece for any celebration. Click here to read our full how-to guide.

If you’re more of a cupcake connoisseur then why not try these out? Full of all the colours of the rainbow, these tasty little bites will put a smile on anyone’s face. The two different styles use pastel and primary colours from the Colour Splash gel range to create both layered and marbled effects. Click here to view the full how-to guide.

You can also use the gels to create colourful macarons, cake pops, cookies and much more. Why not try a few out and serve up a rainbow themed spread?


Have you used the Colour Splash gel range to create something colourful? Share your photos with us on Facebook or on Instagram using the hashtag #MyColourSplash 🙂


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