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Edible Glue

When it comes to cake decorating, having the right supplies can make all the difference. Edible glue is one of those must-have supplies for cake decorating, as it can be used for many different purposes. From adhering sugarpaste to attaching decorations to your cake, edible glue can help you get the perfect look for your cake.

Perfect for sugarcraft and cake decorating purposes, edible glue is particularly useful in sugar flower making, modelling and works well with pastry pieces.

This is a great way to take your cake decorating to the next level, and you'll be able to show off the great effects that you can achieve with edible glue. As well as being great for cake decorating, edible glue can also be used as a non-toxic craft glue for paper or card. 

At Craft Company we stock a range of different edible glues from Squires, Cake Star, Rainbow Dust, and more. See the full range here


What is edible glue?

Edible glue is perfect for attaching sugar decorations like flowers, animals, or shapes to your celebration cakes or for attaching pieces of sugarpaste (fondant) together when making models or intricate decorations. 

If you're looking for how to stick two decorations together,  or stick your cake decorations to your cake, Edible Glue is the answer. Use to stick delicate sugar craft rose petals together, stick flowers to sugar leaves, or stick valentines hearts to your cupcakes. 

Like the name suggests edible glue is 100% food safe and can be consumed. Edible glue is a type of glue that is safe to eat, meaning it is made with ingredients that are not harmful to consume. 


How to Use Edible Glue

Useful for sticking light pieces of paste together, and handy to keep in the cupboard.

Edible glue is best applied with a natural bristle brush to only one of the surfaces; this will prevent slipping whilst waiting for the glue to dry.

Use sparingly when sticking pieces together – if you apply the glue to both surfaces, or use too much, the pieces will slide around and the glue will take longer to dry.  

When fixing two pieces together, or when adding a piece onto the side of a cake, apply glue to one surface only. If piece being stuck is large or heavy then you may have to use a stronger glue, such as royal icing.

Use edible glue sparingly to attach magic sparkles/glitter flakes or similar to a surface. Too much and they will dissolve.


Making your own glue

Often called Gunge Glue you can easily make your own edible adhesive at home.


Making Gunge Glue

If you haven't got much time you can create your own 'edible glue', A quick sugar ‘glue’ can be made by mashing a small piece of sugarpaste/flower paste with a drop of cooled boiled water to a ‘tacky’ consistency. This is called ‘gunge’ glue, and will be stronger than a bought edible glue. This may then be watered down for a thinner consistency.

A glue can also be made using Gum Arabic. Simply mix 2 teaspoons gum arabic with 60ml water and keep in a screw top jar in the fridge for several weeks.



Thank you so much for the different ways I can try it, I have definitely tried the Gum Arabic and I couldn't get it to do what I needed. So how do I get the glue to work when it comes to using it on roses not to attach them to thing at the moment, but for drying then to be uses later on like envelop style?

Craft Company

Thanks for your question!

If you're making sugar roses try only attaching glue to one piece at a time and only use a small amount of glue. If the pieces are too large for normal edible glue you might have to use royal icing instead.

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