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With such a huge choice of Baking Cases currently on the market, how do you decide which to use? Baking Cases have been enjoying unparalleled popularity for several years now, and this looks set to continue for some time to come.

No wonder, when you consider the choice available. Your cupcakes can be enhanced with baking cases to suit any theme, colour or design you wish. They are available in many different pack sizes, even in bulk for batch baking.

So, how do you choose from the variety in stock?  Here is a helpful guide to the approximate sizes for the many different types of cases:

Sweet/Petit Fours Cases – These may be plain or patterned, usually paper or foil, and are suitable for sweets, truffles, chocolates, petit fours and marzipan fruits. The size is generally a 25mm base x 15/20mm deep.

Mini Cupcake/Muffin Cases – Again available plain or patterned, paper or foil, a little larger than sweet cases, but perfect for tiny cakes, sweets and confectionery. Size approximately 31/35mm base x 20/25mm deep.

Fairy cake cases - These paper cases are the ones we used to bake with many years ago, and indeed were the only ones on the market at the time. They are generally not very deep. This size is not widely available and is approximately 45mm base x 25mm deep.

Standard Cupcake Cases – This is the most popular size, in paper or foil, and in many different designs. From spots to stripes, floral to football, and even tulip shaped cases, there will be one to suit. The size of these is usually 50/53mm base x 30/38mm deep. Tulip cases are 45mm base x 40mm graduating up to 65mm, deep.

Muffin Cases – A little larger than standard cupcake cases, these will accommodate a larger appetite. Size is around 55mm base x 33mm deep.

Other non-standard cases are:

Wraps – Very popular for muffins with not much decoration, if any, eg. breakfast muffins or muffins for elevenses etc. Usually in packs of 50 so may be conveniently batch baked to freeze for future use. Size is 50mm base x 85mm deep.

Baking Cups – These are extremely sturdy, holding their shape completely, so may be placed on a baking tray for cooking.  They have a greaseproof lining so will retain their colour during the baking process. Very versatile, they can also be used as sweet containers for children’s parties, or for serving ice cream or other desserts. Being so sturdy, they are easily portable, say, for picnics. The size is 60mm base x 45mm deep, and many colours are available, in packs of 24. Other similar baking cups have a lip around the edge and are smaller, being 50mm base x 35mm deep. These come in packs of 100.

Cupcake Wrappers – The height of luxury for your cupcakes, they can be really dressed up for any occasion. Wrappers are usually a lacy pattern in many different themes, but there are some solid design wrappers in very attractive colours. Bake your cupcakes in plain cases and simply add a wrapper to each one, by fastening the tabs at each end together. Their size will fit up to a standard muffin cake, being approximately 200mm in length.



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