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With so many different types of cake boxes to choose from, selecting the one which is best suited to your homemade cake can sometimes be a challenge. You need to ensure the cake box is not only the correct size but also sturdy enough to protect, store and transport the cake you have made. Don’t worry though because after reading this article you will know exactly what type of cake boxes you should use for the cakes you make. 

Cake Box Buying Tips

  • We recommend using a cake board and a cake box to maximise rigidity and strength to help protect, transport, and manoeuvre your cake safely.
  • Buy a cake box which is the same size as the cake board you are using, which should be larger than the cake itself.  There’s less risk of slippage if your board is the same size as your box.
  • If your cake is different shape, for example heart shaped, then you should measure the widest section of the cake board.
  • Also consider the height of your cake. Tall or multitiered cakes for example will require tall cake boxes or stacked cake boxes, or you can consider cake box extensions.
  • If you need to move a multi-tiered cake around
  • If you don’t wish to buy your cake box separately you can also acquire cake board and cake box combo packs for a perfect fit.
  • If you make a lot of cakes, multipack boxes present good value and keep you stocked up.

Standard Cake Boxes

Best for: Standard single or double tiered cakes

These everyday cake boxes are ideal for standard celebration cakes with a height of no more than 6 inches. Each of our standard boxes are suitable for most cakes with diameters ranging from 8 inches up to 20 inches. 

We have standard boxes in a variety of different styles and designs. The boxes with separate lids are perfect for a simple yet effective box, while our windowed boxes are a great way to show off your cake while keeping it safe and protected.

This style is perfect for protecting, storing and transporting most cakes and bakes but for larger or heavier cakes you may want to consider our heavy duty or stacked cake boxes which are made from very strong corrugated cardboard to support tall or heavy cakes. Read below to find out more about these styles.

Click here to view our range of standard cake boxes.

Themed and Patterned Cake Boxes

Best for: Coordinating with a birthday party theme, stand out gifting and showing off!

If a plain white box doesn't really work for you and you want something fancier, consider presenting your cakes and tasty treats in style with a party themed, printed or coloured cake box. This range of 10” colourful cake boxes feature a clear acetate window on the top and front of the box to show off your decorated cakes and desserts. Use with a 10” cake board for a really professional finish.

Available in a variety of colours, themes and patterns including spots, stripes, sprinkles, hearts, football, dinosaurs, superheros and space to name a few, they are designed for all types of birthday party or special occasion cake. Many of them have matching cake decorations so you can really go to town on a party theme to impress your guests!  They are great for displaying and protecting a birthday cake until it’s time to cut. 

If you sell or gift your cakes, then a patterned or themed box will really show off your cake off your cake when gifting and give a really professional finish to complement the cake inside.

Click here to view our range of windowed cake boxes.

Tall Cake Boxes

Best for: Tall cakes, double barrel cakes or cakes with fancy cake toppers!

These cake boxes are a popular functional choice for taller cakes up to 10 and 12 inches tall.  They are plain white, come with a lid and are available in different sizes to accommodate 10, 12 and 14 inch cake boards.

A tall cake box is ideal if you want to feature decorations that stand up on top of the cake.  This flat packed, pre-folded box is easy to assemble and will achieve rigid and reliable protection so you can be confident in storing and transporting your cake.

If you are making a heavier cake, such as a fruit cake, you may want to consider our heavy duty or stacked cake boxes which are made from stronger corrugated cardboard. You definitely don’t want a cake box accident after all your hard work!  Read on to find out more about these styles.

Click here and choose Tall Cake Boxes

Heavy Duty Cake Boxes

Best for: Heavy cake types

We stock a range of heavy-duty cake boxes made from strong corrugated cardboard, perfect for transporting particularly heavy celebration or wedding cakes safely. These boxes are the perfect choice when a standard cake box is the right size but not strong enough to support your cake. No matter what the weight of your cake may be, heavy duty boxes are able to support any cake including heavier types such as fruit or butter cakes.

Heavy Duty Cake Box - ideal for wedding cakes

Our boxes are made from high quality corrugated cardboard for the ultimate protection of cakes and bakes. Each box features a drop-down front for easy access to the cake and feature a smooth white finish for a professional look.

Click here to view our range of heavy duty cake boxes.

Stacked Cake Boxes

Best for: Tall or multi-tiered cakes

Our strong and durable stacked boxes are sized for complete protection of taller cakes. They’re most commonly used for multi-tiered wedding cakes or taller novelty celebration cakes with a height up to 16 inches.

All our stacked boxes come with interchangeable round and square base cards, so the bottom tier remains secure in the box without risk of being moved around or damaged. They can all be reused repeatedly due to their high quality, strong corrugated cardboard structure.

Unfolded Stacked Cake Box

Our stacked boxes comprise of a lid, base and sides complete, a round interchangeable base card and a square interchangeable base card. To assemble these boxes, simply place the box on a worktop and open out the box’s sides. Choose your relevant base card and place it on the base before folding up the sides. Assemble the lid and place on top once your cake has been positioned in the box.

Please note: each base card has a perforated insert so two sizes of cake can fit into each box, therefore preventing the cake from moving inside the main box.

Click here to view our range of stacked cake boxes.

Extension Corners

Best for: Extending cake boxes for added height

Our extension corner cards offer a quick and easy way to instantly house taller cakes using any standard cake box. Our standard boxes measure a height of 6 inches, but the extension corner cards enable you to fit a cake with a height of up to 14 inches in any sized box. These handy cards are perfect for protecting top tier wedding cakes or special cakes with intricate detail.

Extension corner cards are made from a food safe sturdy cardboard and come in a selection of sizes. Our different sizes of cake box extension cards are designed to fit boxes of 12 inches and under or 13 inches and larger.

Extension corners for cake box

They’re easy to use and take only minutes to assemble. To use, simply open the base of your cake box and place your cake in the centre. Carefully place your extension corner card over your cake board and assemble your box around the card as normal. Place your lid back on the top of the extension.

Click here to view our range of extension corner cards.

Cupcake Boxes

Best for: Protecting, presenting and transporting cupcakes

If you require boxes for smaller quantities of cupcakes, we have a range of options available. With a dual-insert capable of holding either 6 standard sized cupcakes or 12 mini cupcakes, boxes from our Baked with Love collection will present your cupcakes perfectly every time. Cupcake boxes from this collection have a see-through lid and are available in a range of styles, from bright colours to various patterns. We also have standard 2-hole, 4-hole and 6-hole cupcake boxes to choose from.

Range of colourful cupcake boxesOpne cake box with tray for 6 cupcakes

If you intend to present your cupcakes individually, we have single cupcake boxes available including a Giant Cupcake Box which could also be used for a taller celebration cake and can accommodate a 10-inch cake board.

Cardboard cupcake bouquets provide you with an opportunity gift your cupcakes in a different way compared to standard cardboard cupcake boxes. Cupcake bouquets are available in an array of colours too.  They are always popular for Mother’s Day!

Mini cupcakes are always popular at parties and other gatherings, and we have boxes which are ideal for presenting and transporting these smaller cupcakes. Our mini cupcake boxes include 9-hole, 12-hole and 24-hole varieties.

Cupcake display boxes are an innovative idea if you are hosting a bake sale or a coffee morning.  They work as a standard cupcake box, but also have a special fold out lid for ultimate ‘eat me!’ attraction!  Great on a counter top, or anywhere you want to really show off your baked goodies.  With options available for both everyday and seasonal, your treats will go down a treat in one of these display boxes.

For presenting and transporting larger quantities of standard-sized cupcakes, you have both 12-hole and 24-hole options available. The 24-hole heavy duty cupcake box is made from corrugated cardboard and is great for presenting and transporting your cupcakes to any event.

Click here to view our range of cupcake boxes.

Special Occasion Cake Boxes - Seasonal Cake Boxes

If you are baking a cake for a special occasion, then you will want to ensure it is presented in the best possible way. Whether you are after celebration cake boxes which are specifically intended for a time of year like Christmas or you’re simply looking for the most suitable cake boxes for birthdays and weddings, there are plenty of options available.

Christmas Cake Boxes

Whether you are on the lookout for a cake box to present a traditional Christmas fruit cake or anything else you like to bake at that time of year, you can make it even more festive with a Christmas cake box.

Cake boxes have their practical benefits over the festive period too. Whether you are transporting your Christmas cake somewhere else or simply want to protect it ahead of the big day, cake boxes really can prove invaluable.

Christmas cake boxes with a Holly patterned design are available in three separate sizes, 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch. They are great for not only protecting your cakes but also ideal if transportation of your cake is required.

Christmas cake box and Christmas cake on a cake board

In addition to traditional fruit cakes, Christmas Yule Logs also rank high on the list of things to make around that time of year. Featuring a festive Holly design, our Christmas Yule Log Boxes are available in 8-inch x 4-inch and 12-inch x 5-inch sizes and are the perfect way of presenting this much-loved treat.

Another Christmas Cake Box design available is the Christmas Friends Cake Box. This 10-inch Christmas cake box has a design comprising of reindeer, snowmen, Santa Claus and penguins and will present your festive cakes superbly. 

Christmas Cupcake Boxes

If your friends and family enjoy festive cupcakes over the Christmas period, then what better way to present these delights than within Christmas cupcake boxes? Our Christmas themed cupcake boxes will protect your Christmas cupcakes and make them easy to transport. These Christmas cupcake boxes have a dual insert which means you have a choice of presenting either six standard sized cupcakes or 12 mini cupcakes together.

The Christmas Friends cupcake boxes feature a design which comprises of novelty festive characters. These versatile cupcake boxes can also be used for mince pies too. They are available in packs of two.

Christmas cupcake box with cupcakes inside

Another option are Vintage Christmas Cupcake boxes. These boxes have a traditionally festive holly and mistletoe design and will keep your festive cupcakes safe and secure. They are also suitable for presenting mince pies.

Starry Night Christmas Cupcake boxes have a star design and offer a classy and elegant way of presenting your Christmas cupcakes. These cupcake boxes, with a deep blue colour, could actually be used all-year round if you wish.

With a cartoon woodland pattern, Magical Woodland Cupcake boxes have a cute design and are ideal for protecting and presenting your Christmas cupcakes. These festive cupcake boxes have a design which features cartoon reindeer, sweets, Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths. 

Birthday Cake Boxes

Whether you simply want to present your homemade birthday cake in an attractive way or need to transport it to a party venue, there are plenty of cake boxes that will effectively display and protect your cake.

Birthdays are such special occasions so ensuring the cake looks as good on the day as it did when it was first baked and decorated is a top priority. Thankfully, with a birthday cake box you can have peace of mind that this will be the case, especially when transporting the cake!

To really show off the birthday cake you have made, you could opt for a clear PME Crystal Cake Box. This is completely see-through and will allow everyone to view the cake from all angles. These cake boxes are available in five different sizes with 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch cake boxes available.

If you simply want a cake box to use whilst transporting a birthday sponge cake from one place to another, our white cake box and lid will do the job. There are a variety of sizes available with options to buy in bulk too.

No birthday party is complete without cupcakes, and if you are looking at ways to store and present these, we have plenty of suitable birthday cupcake boxes to select from. With boxes which display a range of patterns and designs including stripes, sprinkles, floral and spotted, you can really add some colour and style to the birthday celebrations.

Wedding Cake Boxes

The wedding cake is an integral part of most weddings. It appears in photographs and is generally a talking point of the day, so ensuring it is stored safely or arrives at the venue in good condition is of utmost importance. Although the build-up to the big day can be somewhat stressful, finding the perfect cake box for the wedding cake in question doesn’t need to be, as we have plenty of options available.

One of the most popular types of wedding cakes is tiered (stacked) and the best way of transporting these is in a stacked cake box. These cake boxes are effective at keeping the cake secure when travelling. There are different sizes of stacked wedding cake boxes available.

Wedding cakes tend to be on the tall side so a tall cake box is often a necessity. We have tall cardboard cake boxes available in different sizes. These tall white cake boxes are both quick and easy to assemble too.

In conclusion, the size, including the height, of your cake must be considered before you choose a suitable cake box. After that, it’s really down to personal preference in terms of how you wish to present your cake. We hope this article has helped to point you in the right direction.


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