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No matter what style, shape or type of cake you have, we're sure to have the perfect box for you!

Standard Cake Boxes

Best for: Standard single or double tiered cakes

These cake boxes are ideal for standard celebration cakes with a height of no more than 6 inches. Each of our standard boxes are suitable for most cakes with diameters ranging from 8 inches up to 20 inches. 

We have standard boxes in a variety of different styles and designs. The boxes with separate lids are perfect for a simple yet effective box, while our windowed boxes are a great way to show off your cake while keeping it safe and protected. We also stock festive, coloured and patterned boxes to suit every occasion.

This style is perfect for protecting, storing and transporting most cakes and bakes but for larger or heavier cakes you may want to consider our heavy duty or stacked cake boxes which are made from very strong corrugated cardboard to support tall or heavy cakes. Read below to find out more about these styles.

Click here to view our range of standard cake boxes.


Stacked Cake Boxes

Best for: Tall or multi-tiered cakes

Our strong and durable stacked boxes are sized for complete protection of taller cakes. They’re most commonly used for multi tiered wedding cakes or taller novelty celebration cakes with a height of at least 16 inches.

All our stacked boxes come with interchangeable round and square base cards so the bottom tier remains secure in the box without risk of being moved around or damaged. They can all be reused repeatedly due to their high quality, strong corrugated cardboard structure.

Our stacked boxes comprise of a lid, base and sides complete, a round interchangeable base card and a square interchangeable base card. To assemble these boxes, simply place the box on a worktop and open out the box’s sides. Choose your relevant base card and place it on the base before folding up the sides. Assemble the lid and place on top once your cake has been positioned in the box.

Please note: each base card has a perforated insert so two sizes of cake can fit into each box, therefore preventing the cake from moving inside the main box.

Click here to view our range of stacked cake boxes.


Heavy Duty Cake Boxes

Best for: Heavy cake types

We stock a range of heavy duty cake boxes made from strong corrugated cardboard, perfect for transporting particularly heavy celebration or wedding cakes safely. These boxes are the perfect choice when a standard cake box is the right size but not strong enough to support your cake. No matter what the weight of your cake may be, heavy duty boxes are able to support any cake including heavier types such as fruit or butter cakes.

Our boxes are made from high quality corrugated cardboard for the ultimate protection of cakes and bakes. Each box features a drop down front for easy access to the cake and feature a smooth white finish for a professional look.

Click here to view our range of heavy duty cake boxes.


Extension Corner Cards

Best for: Extending cake boxes for added height

Our extension corner cards offer a quick and easy way to instantly house taller cakes using any standard cake box. Our standard boxes measure a height of 6 inches but the extension corner cards enable you to fit a cake with a height of up to 14 inches in any sized box. These handy cards are perfect for protecting top tier wedding cakes or special cakes with intricate detail.

Extension corner cards are made from a food safe sturdy cardboard and come in a selection of sizes. Our different sizes of cake box extension cards are designed to fit boxes of 12 inches and under or 13 inches and larger.

They’re easy to use and take only minutes to assemble. To use, simply open the base of your cake box and place your cake in the centre. Carefully place your extension corner card over your cake board and assemble your box around the card as normal. Place your lid back on the top of the extension.

Click here to view our range of extension corner cards.


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